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Era Small Peony Silk Flowers

Era Small Peony Silk Flowers

Era Small Peony Silk Flowers

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Era Small Peony Silk Flowers..

A great selection of flower heads to attach to wire stems, or for use on their own to decorate flower crowns, flower balls, flower walls, weddings, hats, home decor and craft projects.

It's come in bunch(5 Peony flowers about 6CM, 3 flower buds). This silk material artificial flowers can use in multi occasions and festivals or as gift as well.


1. Please carefully read the product size on the details page.
2. For better transportation, we will bend the long flower bar. After you receive the package, you can straighten it by hand.
3. If the flower is deformed, it can be steamed with water or placed in the sun or placed by hand.
4. If the flower head falls, you can reinstall it.